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Ideas and Scripts

Choose from over 100 pre-written, editable scripts or type in your own custom script!

State of the Art Teleprompter

Our state of the art teleprompter displays and scrolls your script as you record your message. It also allows you to swipe back and start over if you mess up.

Professional Editing

After you have shot your video simply upload it to us using the built in upload function and within 72 hours our highly trained editors will send you back a finished professional video!

How it works?

Use our scripts and templates or just upload your own footage!

Step 1

Find your idea! We have plenty of concepts that you can use verbatim or just to help you get you started!

Step 2

create your own or use one of our pre-written editable scripts!

Step 3

Shoot your video with our state of the art teleprompter or film it using your own camera!

Step 4

Upload your Videos to us for professional editing!

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