Why Choose Xunami?

Xunami is an app for creating marketing videos for any business…providing concepts, scripting, teleprompter assisted recording and professional editing. There’s no need to hire a production staff or purchase expensive equipment. With Xunami, you can submit a video shot on your phone and we will return a viable piece of video marketing to promote your business.  

User Guide

Step 1

Select your industry

Choose from over 8 industry’s with 100’s of unique templates
Step 2

Find a Template

Watch our templates and find one that you would like to shoot.
Step 3

Edit Your Script

Edit your Script Load a pre written script and edit the verbiage to match your style or write a completly new script of your own.
Step 4

Record Your Video

When you are happy with your script, press the record button and start shooting!
Step 5

Submit for Editing

After recording, select your files and submit to our editors who will complete your video!

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